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Bondage Lezdom Pinching

• 2008-Jul-23 - Audrey Hollander, Berlin


Audrey Hollander, Berlin

Bondage Lezdom Pinching: When Audrey Hollander and Mz. Berlin meet it is a match made in lesbian domination heaven. In metal bondage Audrey is stripped, spanked, flogged, gagged and humiliated, and that's just the first position. In a crab-tie, her holes are stretched to the max. Her pussy and ass are fisted simultaneously before Berlin flips her ass over tit and puts both hands in Audrey's ass at the same time. In doggy position, Audrey is caned no less than 80 times. With red welts rising she takes Berlin's cock deep and cums hard from strapon sex before another orgasm is ripped from her asshole, this time from being foot fucked. Audrey's mouth is put to work pleasing Berlin's pussy and ass before one final challenge, and this time Audrey is pushed all the way to "Red" by the 34 lb. concrete block hanging from her crotch rope.
Berlin, I loved how did your hair and your Stage Presence, Audrey, I think if you ever left LA the Twisted Factory would be your new home, Chanta, I Loved this shoot, as the part that turned me on the most was watching you keep your Resident Bitch and Audrey in line at the end.--This is a classic TF shoot.

-- Madgrad


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• 2008-Jul-20 - Carmen McCarthy, DragonLily


Carmen McCarthy, DragonLily

Bondage Lezdom Pinching: A first-timer is always an unknown. Will BDSM be what she thought it would be? Will she enjoy the experience? Can she put up with the harsh and no-nonsense S&M dished out at the Twisted Factory? This time we get a hottie to play with that, well, let's say harsh lezdom didn't quite turn out to be what she thought it would be. This was one of the few shoots we had to cancel before it was over.
Dragonlily is always worth it...but this girl was clearly in over her head. I'm guessing she was expecting fake bondage with little smacks and stuff. Though I hate to say it, I think Dragonlily was wasted here. :(

-- Ashantai


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• 2008-Jul-16 - Tristan Kingsley, Nika Noire


Tristan Kingsley, Nika Noire

When Chanta's away, Nika will play with any hot girl she can find in the Twisted Factory. Tristan is nervous about cruel BDSM but becomes an awesome bound sex slave for Russian Goddess Nika Noire. After being flogged and having her nipples clamped, Tristan's mouth is put to work. She is used to lick pussy, ass and worship feet as Nika swaps between punishing her, and cumming on her face. This is a lesson in orgasm denial for Tristan who has to wait until the final hard strapon fuck before she is permitted to climax.
Tristan is very cute,love the little sounds she makes when spanked and flogged,hot body,nice perky nipples,hope Tristan comes back for more shoots...Nika is a great Dom,great pussy grinding in slaves face,I really enjoyed this one

-- blue_fish


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• 2008-Jul-9 - Bobbi Starr


Bobbi Starr

Bondage Lezdom Pinching: It's been almost 2 years since Chanta popped Bobbi Starr's anal cherry in a dirty Oakland boiler room. Since then she has become one of the most well known adult stars and her ass has been bondage fucked plenty. She says that all of this normal sex may have made her a pussy, so Chanta starts hard and never stops. Lots of flogging, face slapping, spanking and anal fucking will keep Bobbi humble in her new found stardom. With an electrode deep in her asshole Bobbi screams as the dials are turned all the way up. Orgasms are taken from her while she struggles with nasty pain play and tight rope bondage. This is lesbian domination at it's very best.
Bobbi can take it - lovely shoot.

-- Switch


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• 2008-Jul-2 - Amber Rayne, Alexa Von Tess


Amber Rayne, Alexa Von Tess

Amber Rayne has been wanting to play with Alexa Von Tess for a long time, to tie her up and fuck her with her strapon. She goes full speed right out of the starting blocks, placing Alexa in a very tough bondage position and flogging her mercilessly. The position in fact proves too much for Alexa and she begins to pass out as she has a big orgasm, so Amber takes pity on her and scales it down a little. She ties her bitch down on her back, exposing her mouth and cunt for her to play with. She smothers Alexa's face while fucking her pussy with the samurai electrode. Now it's Amber's turn to pound her slave's snatch with a strapon in doggy.
I really enjoyed the shoot.I love the way Amber talked to Alexa.Plus it`s nice to see a sub with some curves:)

-- TANK25


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• 2008-Jun-25 - Berlin, Kayla Paige


Berlin, Kayla Paige

It's Kayla Paige's turn for a medical examination. Berlin pulls her skirt up over her head and flogs her ass, she inserts a pussy hook and pulls Kayla up onto the tips of her toes before making her cum. Kayla is then stretched out on the exam table and Berlin inserts an expert hand into her snatch and makes her bitch cum uncontrollably. Fucked hard with a strapon, Kayla drools all over the floor, so Berlin straps a wipe to her mouth and orders her to clean up the mess. Finally Berlin orders her slave to worship her ass and show her appreciation.
I love that scene where sub must clean floor with her face, more shoots with humiliating ordeal like this.

-- darklord


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• 2008-Jun-18 - Veronica Jett


Veronica Jett

Veronica is caught with some sex toys in school. Her teacher has her detention all planned out for her. She's tied, stripped, and made to balance on a cinder block as electrodes are applied to her abdomen. Chanta Rose flogs her till she screams through her ball-gag, and she presses a vibrator against her clit. The detention continues with whiteboard exercises, but Veronica has to write with her mouth as her hands are bound. To make it even harder she's also spanked and has a large butt plug pushed up her ass. This is too much for her and she fails to complete the exercise. Further punishment ensues and she's bent over the desk and viciously strapon bondage fucked in the ass.
that was fucking great

-- angerreaper


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• 2008-Jun-11 - Ashli Orion, Nika Noire


Ashli Orion, Nika Noire

Ashli Orion wants to try everything at least once. She's drawn to being dominated by another woman and having kinky things done to her. Nika Noire is a hard Domme to debut with, she's strict and sadistic. She spanks and flogs her bitch's outstretched ass and forces an orgasm out of her wet snatch with a vibrator. Ashli's clit is subjected to the abuse of a heavy crotch rope until she can't take it any more and begs to be fucked, which she is with the electric Samurai. Nika orders her slave to worship her ass as she smothers her in bondage. Finally this new bitch is rewarded with a deep strapon fucking.
this 2 new girls i like okay she are no old pros but i like her beuti and her art of play for us. asli is total new for me but she is so sexy my god this little girl brings in next years a lot of fun. sorry for this words but is late in the night and i write what i think abut this video.

-- winfried


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• 2008-Jun-4 - Lorelei Lee, Bobbi Starr


Lorelei Lee, Bobbi Starr

Lorelei Lee is finally back at Chanta's Bitches, ready to be worked on by Bobbi Starr. She's restrained with her hands tied up and pulled high over her head, Bobbi nags her and makes her actually step into the cattle prod, she flogs her ass and her tits before pulling her down and binding her to the floor where a large acrylic electrode is sunk deep into her ass. This is an electrode with a twist: it's voice activated, so the louder Lorelei screams, the higher the intensity of the shocks, the louder she screams .... Bobbi suspends her bitch and fucks all her holes roughly with her large strapon cock before letting her down and smothering her with her ass as she cums hard all over her face.
I prefer Bobbi Star as a sub, dominated by women.

-- Orwell


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• 2008-May-28 - January Seraph


January Seraph

January Seraph knows her limits will be tested. She's friends with Satine Phoenix and with Berlin, two well-regarded bitches on this site, so she knows what the she will be measured against. Chanta Rose wastes no time in breaking in this new bitch, she's tied, the nipple clamps go on, and the flogging and spanking begins. In a tough suspension she is taught the fine art of cock sucking. Her snatch is warmed up with hot wax before being viciously slapped, apparently Berlin said she would like it. This brings out a verbal outburst against Berlin, so a speakerphone is set up next to January and Berlin is put on the line to hear the abuse as January gets bondage fucked hard with a strapon. are gorgeous!! thanks chanta for this cliffhanger episode:)

-- davrom


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• 2008-May-21 - Anita Blue, Berlin


Anita Blue, Berlin

Anita says she plays with BDSM in her personal life but has never been tied up and controlled by a woman. Berlin expertly introduces her to the ropes, flogging, slapping and lesbian domination. Anita quickly realizes she is in over her head, she's just an LA porn slut and this shit is just a bit too real for her but she presses on, eager to earn the rewards of forced orgasms and hard strapon cock. Her asshole is shocked while she worships Berlin's pussy and ass and she suffers through nipple clamps, suction and her very first anal strapon fucking.
My post is a bit crazy (as ever?) at logical syntax level (as a Latinist, I do not suffer these silly mistakes!) : I wrote a word sequence in my mind, and forgot to write it actually with the good parenthesis. So : do accept this apostille (margin note) : ?ซKelly Wells, if my memory good, who was having quite hard time with Chanta]] ?ป = ?ซKelly Wells, if my memory good] - she was having very bad time with Chanta)?ป. A detail, guys & gals, but a inescapable syntax error! RJ

-- regisjean


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• 2008-May-14 - Marsha Lord


Marsha Lord

Chanta receives a new slave. She's delivered bound in a trunk. Her training begins with a spanking and a sharp slapping, her cunt is claimed by Chanta and she makes it cum many times. A cold steel hook is sunk into Marsha Lord's ass and it's used to pull her up onto the tips of her toes, she's bound in this position and made ready for more hard bondage and discipline. Marsha is quick to learn that in order to receive pleasure she needs to gracefully accept the punishment that's served to her. Chanta strapon fucks her bitch in every hole, then forces her to worship her feet.
This one isn't as brutal as some other shoots i've seen on this page but thebrave is right. This shoot is sort of magical. The way chanta and Marsha are in harmony with each other is awesome. Marsha has a very natually way to orgasm and i liked to watch her. So it is just fair to let her come over and over. Chanta is like no other to see/feel how things should develope and what she should do. wow. cool. Chanta and Marsha: i love your hair

-- cinderella


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• 2008-May-7 - Rachel Roxxx, Nika Noire


Rachel Roxxx, Nika Noire

It's a short-lived power struggle between two kinky and feisty beauties. Nika Noire's bitchiness and sexual fire quickly gives her the upper hand over Rachel Roxxx. Nika get's the ropes on Rachel and proceeds to flog her all over. She rips a strong orgasm from Rachel's cunt before making her worship her boots. Nika then fucks a very horny Rachel with her large strapon cock who begs to be spanked and abused.
Russia fucks America at Crystal Lake vacation camp! I liked the contrast between giant russian Nika and tiny american Rachel. It reminded me of the good old times, when the tricky dickies of Us were shivering in front of peoples who wanted to have their lands for themselves whatever their political values (that's naughty RJ, the comrade...). Let's return to kinky topics! Suppose Nika being the chieftain, and having to initiate Rachel into good manners as an assistant. On this ground, I found this shoot very fresh, like very early shoots from Chanta on the site, with fragile subs. Rachel couldn't take clearly heavy pains. Nika managed to display a very intimate relationship through the scenes, and the sensual sadism on her face reminded me of Sandra Romain (East Europe type?). So, true relation and erotic bed scenes in the black room in the end (this set is one of my fetishes, if I have any). This improvised connection through the shoot between the models had for me a realistic effect of "lesbian amateur scene". If I compare this shoot to last F&B update between K. Lockwood & N. Noire (as a sub), that's clear, I was sensible to the atmosphere of this shoot on CB while unable to enter in the "professional" but lacking transmission shoot on the other site. That's life, guys & gals, and comrade RJ an impredictible psychopath.

-- regisjean


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• 2008-Apr-30 - Amber Rayne, Berlin


Amber Rayne, Berlin

Amber Rayne has been put in detention once more. This student doesn't seem to know how to stay out of trouble, this time she falls asleep in class and her dreams begin. She dreams her hot teachers abuse her by fisting her and fucking her with strapons. They discipline her with the promise of anal satisfaction. Her ambition is to receive full marks in fisting, so she takes Mz. Berlin's entire fist, followed by a sizable portion of her foot, followed by her large strapon cock.
Yes, Chanta, you were worth the, Berlin and Amber certainly make quite the trio....I think the next step might be a gang-bang type shoot with the 3 of you with one amazing, tough sub. Loved the dream sequence and the dream motif around the edges of the video. You know a girl is special when she gets to lick Chanta's pussy....I like seeing that (although I know Chanta likes the ass better). I love the chemistry..the banter...the reactions from Amber...of course, the fisting was something that you normally do not see so that made it special. Amber Rayne is certainly not a pussy...never has been, never will be. That fire she brings is hot and that grin she has. I am in love with the girl...sorry Chanta and Berlin but Amber keeps stealing my heart a little bit at a time...not saying either of you have been replaced but, wow, what a girl crush I have on her....honestly, can you blame me????? But Berlin won me back over at the end with the gals and ladies reference after the hard time I gave her for her comments during the last Chanta-Berlin-Sabrina shoot...I heard that was particularly for me, so thank you!!!!!

-- staceyp


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• 2008-Apr-23 - Lexi Belle, Audrey Leigh


Lexi Belle, Audrey Leigh

In a first for Lexi Belle, Miss Audrey Leigh will be breaking her into the sensual world of lesbian bondage. The horny bitch asks for nothing better than to be made to have an orgasm. Audrey is well experienced, and knows that fresh meat needs to be trained in the art of respect, so she makes Lexi work hard to get what she wants. After a good flogging and solid slapping Lexi's snatch is filled with the imposing Samurai electrode which quickly brings the bitch to orgasm. Lexi is then chained to the floor and strapon fucked by Audrey before being forced to worship her feet.
Audrey's feet rule the world, they are amazing. Best foot worship in a long time!

-- MrF


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• 2008-Apr-16 - ArielX, Amber Rayne


ArielX, Amber Rayne

Ariel X has no respect for pussy and does not feel the need to apologize. She also thinks her day with Amber will be all about "butt sex" as she so eloquently puts it. In order to learn to respect pussy, Amber will punish Ariel's until she can take no more, and then, she will fuck her ass. Weighted clamps hang from Ariel's labia, her chest is flogged and her face slapped. Amber makes it very clear that she is in charge. In a spreadeagle tie, Ariel's ass is spanked until red. Her nipples are clamped and an orgasm is torn from her swollen cunt. With a giant acrylic plug in her ass, Ariel's mouth is used to pleasure her Dom. Amber smothers her face and cums hard. In doggy, Ariel's prediction becomes a reality and her ass is pounded with hard, long strapon cock. In the end she apologizes but Amber is merciless and uses the cattle prod on her anyhow, as penance for making her work so hard!
A great update! One of th ebest! Domme Amber: beautiful, menacing, determined, hard hitting. Has a deliberate act, aware of her posing. Wonderful anger. Sub Ariel: beautiful, shaven, brave and gutsy. Scene 1, chair: one of the best tit floggings I have seen. And pussy too. great pussy txxxxxx. Scene 2, spread eagled: very becoming for Ariel??™s beauty. Great flogging. Great face slapping. Scene 3, on her back: fine face sitting. Scene 4, on hands and knees: great anal. 5 stars.

-- Frants


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• 2008-Apr-9 - Audrey Leigh, Nika Noire


Audrey Leigh, Nika Noire

Helping out at the clinic cleaning up the exam room, Nika Noire is caught snooping into Audrey Leigh's confidential medical files. The punishment is swift and harsh. Nika is restrained and electrostim pads are applied to her breasts. The punishment continues with a spanking, tit clamps are applied, and she's gagged. She's strapon fucked and smothered. Finally it's time to waterboard the bitch. How much more can she resist?
Needed more edge. Maybe a lot more.

-- foment


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• 2008-Apr-2 - Annie Cruz


Annie Cruz

This bitch has been around the block a few times. But she's never been Chanta Rose's bitch. Until now. Claiming to be more of a Dominant, today she will be slapped back to the sub age. Black cloth is wrapped around Annie Cruz's head, she's gagged, and she's left in tight strapado to wait for her Mistress. When Chanta arrives, she wastes no time in showing Annie who's top dog around here. A solid flogging on her ass, heavy weights hung from her tits, and a severe face slapping are just the beginning. Annie's cunt is fingered and clamped in a warm-up for the inevitably harsh strapon fucking that follows. Chanta sits on her bitch's face and smothers her before taking her ass with her strapon cock, hard and deep.
ps. I gave the shoot a well deserved 5 but for some reason it seems to have registered as only a "3 based on 1 vote" on screen.

-- pingu


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• 2008-Mar-26 - Berlin, Sabrina Fox


Berlin, Sabrina Fox

Berlin enters Sabrina Fox's cell and begins to flog the helpless slave. But soon after, Chanta enters the cell and binds Berlin, who will also be a bitch today. A hefty concrete block is hoisted up and pulls down painfully on both women's crotch ropes, holding them very still on their tippy toes. They look at each other searching for anything that will give them strength and courage, their eyes full of fear. Chanta flogs them both and stings them with her single tail. She ties Sabrina down in doggy, her hungry cunt exposed to Berlin who's placed behind her. Berlin is ordered to get to work with her hand. One finger, two fingers ... spread her out, out, out until her entire fist is pumping deep into Sabrina's vagina. After giving Sabrina an explosive cunt fisting orgasm, Berlin too is tied and suspended and forced to cum by Chanta. Finally the ordeal is over, or is it? These two dirty bitches need to be washed thoroughly, they are tied standing and buckets of cold water are dumped over their hot bodies.
Man! I have made a duty to comment every shoots of CB! It is only by chance here that I checked the comment board open, just to see if an asshole had justify the actual rating = 4.6 (= ridiculous). And I fall on your own comment. I asked once to Tony (on the support) why, if somebody has posted a comment on the comment board, he is not warned of answers as on the the forum comment? But I figure my question was not understood. Hey! If Rodeos Ghost has the will to answer some of my early comments on shoots n?ฐ 3 or 18 etc., I cannot spend my life checking the way it's rolling on each shoot comment board. There is not only a default allowing anonymous rating for mere numbers, but also lack of mail feedback when a shoot you have commented is re-commented, even without reference to your post. Am I clear, here?

-- regisjean


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• 2008-Mar-19 - Berlin, Penney Play


Berlin, Penney Play

Bondage Lezdom Pinching: It's clear that there is a dirty slut living at the Asylum. Guard Berlin hears patient Penney masturbating in her room. She ties the bitch up and gives her a warm-up flogging and cunt slapping. On go the nipple and labia clamps. Berlin works on her bitch's pussy and makes her cum hard. Then she slides an electrode in her snatch and begins administering shock therapy to a gagged Penney. The bitch is placed in doggy and securely tied down to the floor so that she can't move an inch when Berlin pushes her big strapon cock deep into her ass and begins pounding away.
wow, can't wait to get home from work to watch it!

-- doctor rosen


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